61% off Aveeno

20151222_233153Total advertised price: $29.97

Clear Complexion face wash: $9.99 x 2 = $19.98

Positively Radiant face wash: $9.99

Price I paid: $11.70

Savings: 61% or $18.29

Method: I knew that Aveeno was going to be on sale because I found 2 coupons in the weekly Redplum coupon flyer booklet when I was home at my parent’s house last Saturday. (We don’t get the Redplum in NYC, so that was just luck.) However, if you do get it, Redplum foreshadows what is about to be on sale the next week. I like to skim through it and clip anything for my favorite brands and toss the rest. Then I cross-reference it with CVS first and then maybe Rite Aid or Walgreens if I strike out with CVS.

SO, I was very happy to get a “save $2 off 2” and “save $1 off 1” coupons in the Redplum, and then I checked CVS the next day (Sunday) and sure enough it was Buy 2 Get 1 Free. Then I used a ton of Extrabucks ($5.28 worth) to cap off the remaining savings. I normally don’t buy in bulk, but Clear Complexion is my favorite face wash, I was all out, and like to keep one by the sink and one in the shower, so I figured why not.

Disclaimer: Tax is never included in these reviews b/c it would distort the price before and after the discount(s). I paid with this with my own money because I am an independent chick.