Couponing 101

Here are my simple steps to setting up a basic coupon system:

Step 1: Create a junk Yahoo account or set-up the Promotions tab in Google.

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You need to have a place for all of your emails to go that doesn’t overwhelm you on a daily basis. I


Step 2:

Top student discounts

You have time or money, but never both. Here’s how to maximize your $$ while lifeguarding/TA-ing/working with circulation desk at the library during college. There are a ton more lists like this out there – but I probably don’t need to tell you that Apple has a student discount. Also, some stores have useless “student discounts” (ahem Banana Republic) that offer a small % off full price items only, even thought the whole store will be 40% off. (Links go directly to student discount page to confirm discount policy)


Club Monaco – offers 20% off full-price AND sale merchandise in stores AND online to college students. To get the deal online, you just need to submit your email address and they will send you a code to use online.

Topshop – requires membership, but worth the 10% off and it can be used online (use Ebates for additional savings) Not sure what Ebates is? Learn here)

J.Crew – offers a 15% discount to all teachers and college students, but purchase must be made in person at a J.Crew or J.Crew outlet store.

Madewell – offers a 15% discount to all teachers and college students, but purchase must be made in person at the store.


Best Buy – You have to register to see exactly what the discounts are, but if it’s an expensive purchase, it’s probably worth it. They also usually have the best Apple deals anyone, so my as well make this a Daily Double discount.

School shizzle

The Wall Street JournalOver 84% off! Not sure why they couldn’t make it 85%, but its a great deal if you promise to read it.

The New York Times Discounts on subscriptions. My inner discounter would suggest the copy at the library is great too, but sometimes it’s nice to sit down with a latte and read the Sunday edition of the NYT. Not enough time for that, get your news with the next item on the list.

The Skimm – Free and necessary.

Party supplies

Sam’s Club – $15 Sam’s Club gift card and extra offers at sign-up.

Things to buy for the real world before your ID expires

West Elm -15% promo code; unclear whether this is one-time or anytime. Either way, a good deal to use for that first apartment.

How to maximize RetailMeNot

Today, we kick off the series of exploring top coupon and retail sites to give you insights on how to use them most effectively. One of the best sites for finding deals is is based in Austin, TX, has been around since 2009 and went public in 2013. Their stock ticker is SALE, how cool is that?

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I was an early adapter of because it had the most online coupons in one place AND the site is incredibly user friendly. I love that you can search by store because that means you can get access to a store’s coupon codes without having to fill your inbox with emails. Additionally, often has very obscure coupons that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere. For example, I often use it to save $ on airport parking or when buying a gift at a specialty store. The other great thing about is that you can scroll through a host of deals and pick the best one for what you are buying.

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In the past, you could see all of the codes and try them out at checkout. However, now you have to click to uncover the code and it takes you directly to the website and adds the code to your cart. This might be great for many shoppers, but not for me or my Scoop On Coupon shoppers! Once I find the code I want, I have maximized and it’s time to move on to another site to save more money.  The reason is that keeps your referral or click-through $, but you don’t have to let them.

In Coupon101, I suggest some tips to save more and now it is time to maximize your referral. is great for aggregating all rewards, but I prefer ebates, so I will use that. For example, there is a shirt I want on that costs $50. I find a code on to save 20% (great!), but if I go directly from to banana my savings ends there. Therefore, I go to ebates and see that I can get 5% cash back, I will save an additional $2 ($50 -$10 from the code = $40 *.05 = $2) and pay I $38 instead of $50. While this additional $2 may seem small, it starts to add up and it is fun to get a quarterly check in the mail from ebates. (Please note this is a made up example!

While I love everything about (except there lack of referral bonus), I am also excited to see that is expanding internationally with brands in 7 countries. I recently spent 2 months in India and wasn’t able to find the site useful then, but they are still growing. Today, has 15MM unique visitors and 28MM email subscribers, so this is a company here to stay!

To recap:

Pros: One stop shop to find online coupon codes. There is not a more extensive site to be found.

Cons: keeps your click-through value, money that you could be keeping yourself.

Wishlist: I have no idea how much money I’ve saved throughout the years by using this site and it would be cool to see!

For more on how to maximize your online shopping trip, visit: Coupons101




Birthday Clubbin: The Rest

Still curious how to maximize your savings on your birthday?  Here are some more options for you.  Many clubs will also give you a free treat for signing up so make sure you are able to use it!



Birthday Clubbin: Top Picks

You say want discounts, I think you found it
Get ready for action, don’t be astounded
We switching websites, you feel surrounded
Tell me where you want your gift, that’s free 🙂

Birthday clubs

Birthday clubs

Wake up in the late night dreaming about these discounts…

Thank you Jermiah! And here are my top picks for birthday clubs:

1. Sephora

Sephora Beauty Insider

This is a must because they give you deluxe sample sizes to try. You can get it during your birthday month online with a purchase or any day of the year in store – even if you do not purchase anything.

Scoop Tip: If purchasing online, use Ebates for an additional discount

Scoop Tip: If purchasing in-store, check ibotta for an additional discount. Usually you can save an additional $5 off $50 with this app.

Past Sephora freebies:

2016 Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 9.00.40 PM

2015sephora 2015

2014Sephora 2014


2012sephora 2012

2011sephora 2011

2. Anthropologie

Anthropologie – My Anthro

Scoop Tip: This is your best shot at getting a discount on full priced items outside of holiday sales. Anthropologie used to be (they have random end of season sales too)

Past wins: I love AG jeans (and usually buy at Amazon) and have been lucky to use their 15% off coupon on jeans already marked down to $59.99

3. CVS

$3 in ExtraBucks on your birthday that can be used on anything 🙂

4. Dunkin Donnts and Baskin Robbins

BaskinRobbins – Because sugar, nuff said.

Dunkin Donuts – Receive a free medium beverage on your birthday, plus another one now. Sometimes this one arrives in the mail, so ensure your address is up to date.

5. DSW

Become a DSW rewards member, and receive a $5 certificate for your birthday.